ProLiv provides specialized car and tank cleaning.
Truck cleaning
Professional truck and tanker washing services. Any form of payment, convenient location on the M1, shower, Wi-Fi, driver’s lounge, cafe.
Washing and steaming of tankers
E30 Center carries out washing and steaming of tankers in a short time and at reasonable prices. Being a member of EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations), E30 Center is entitled to issue ECD certificate (European Document on the Quality of Cleaning). This certificate confirms that the tanker has been cleaned in accordance with the European regulations.
Disinfection of vehicles
Disinfection of vehicles is a mandatory set of measures for vehicles transporting medicines, food products, raw materials or passengers. Companies engaged in this type of activity are required to monitor the compliance of their fleet with sanitary standards reflected in a special passport.
Companies with a large fleet of trucks or buses find it difficult to keep their equipment clean because of the lack of special equipment. Cleaning heavy-duty vehicles from dirt not only preserves the company's image but also prolongs the service life of vehicles, as dirt causes corrosion.
Here you can clean almost any type of vehicle:
- tank trucks
- garbage trucks
- trailers (road trains)
- on-boards
- vans (refrigerated and tented trucks)
- dump trucks
- buses

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