Environmental program

In may 2012, the environmental program "EcoProliv" was launched in our company. It includes a number of projects and actions to protect the environment, all employees of the company Proliv being involved in its implementation.
Our employees always observe transportation conditions necessary for environment safety carefully. Since the company's foundation, the company's management has taken special control over the constant vehicle fleet renewal: we do not use tankers older than five years. In addition, each tanker truck is cleaned exclusively at specialized stations. The characteristics of each individual product with appropriate neutralization and disposal of chemicals, which significantly reduces the risks of harmful substances entering the environment, are taken into account.
These and many other features have long been firmly embedded in our work. However, we strive not only to minimize the harm but also to implement a number of projects aimed at protecting nature and initiating improvement.
"We decided to create such a trend among Belarusian logistics companies for one simple reason," says Sergey Burkut. “Everything "ecological" that is being done now in our industry is rather a forced measure. The implementation of certain environmental protection obligations is imposed by law. Having conceived the program “EcoProliv”, we want to become initiators of the ecological movement in the Belarusian logistics, to be an example for other transport companies. Together, we can make a difference.”
You can read about the plans and stages of our program implementation in the news on our corporate website (in a specialized section) and in the ProLiv’s blog.

Reducing paper use

Our company’s environmental program "EcoProliv" includes a number of projects. One of them is reducing the use of paper in our office. Logistics clearly involves a huge turnover of documents related to the organization of transportation. In addition to the basic documentation, our employees actively use gliders, make lists and graphs, and place orders. Our company employs more than two hundred people – it is easy to imagine how much paper is needed daily for the active work of such a large office.

That is why our management had to minimize the paper use in ProLiv as much as possible. The discussion has led to the adoption of a number of recommendations for our employees that will help reduce consumption.
From the first days of the project all employees using e-mail on a regular basis have a message at the end of the letter recommending not to print the letters unless needed. Printers and copiers have announcements reminding our employees to save resources. All the used paper in the archives is recycled every two weeks, the member of the headquarters’ staff is responsible for the process.
The next important step was the transition to automated document management. Special software has been developed for our company. It allows to make requests, plan loading and unloading, make schedules and send documents between office employees online in a unified system. This makes it possible to reduce significantly the paper use in the organizational process of our company.

Eco-friendly transportation

One of the main ProLiv’s management tasks is to develop and comply with the maximum environmental friendliness of transportation.
Our vehicle condition and age is crucial. The rolling stock of our holding consists of hundreds of Mercedes-Benzs and European-made tanks. The average age of our vehicles is 3 years.
The transport of dangerous goods is carried out by drivers who have passed all the necessary safety training. All of them have specialized permits and certificates. When transporting dangerous goods, it is necessary to comply with a number of strict requirements in order to prevent damage to the environment.

Let's plant a tree together

In May 2015, ProLiv began the implementation of the project "Let's plant a tree together".
Special boxes with the project logo were placed in each office of the company. All employees collected waste paper for 4 months. As a result, 540 kg of used paper = 2 red oaks.
On September 11, 2015 the first tree planting took place on the alley "Let's plant a Tree together".


New life in exchange for caps!

In June 2019, ProLiv joined the unusual social project "New life in exchange for caps". Its aim is to help people in need with the help of plastic caps.
The organizers of the project "New Life in exchange for caps" offer not to send the caps to landfills but to collect them in special containers. Further, the recyclable materials will be transferred to processing organizations, and medicines and equipment for sick children and adults will be purchased for the funding received from the sale.
In the ProLiv’s office there are several cabins for collecting caps. Employees collect and bring the caps from home. By participating in this project, we save primary resources (oil), reduce the harmful impact on the environment and provide assistance to children and adults in need.

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