Freight car service

ProLiv provides the truck and tank services.


Truck repair requires much more expensive and exclusive equipment than is available at passenger car stations.


In addition, truck maintenance can only be carried out in spacious premises with an appropriate entrance gate and adjacent parking area. Given these features, the location of specialized stations outside the city line is justified.


E30 Center invites you to the service station located on the M1 (E30) highway near Minsk. We will make you comfortable and guarantee high quality repairs.


E30 Center service station performs the following works:
- truck repair
- computer diagnostics of trucks
- truck engine repair
- truck body repair
- cargo semi-trailer and trailer repair
- headlight adjustment
- refueling Adblue
- truck wheel alignment
- truck fuel tank repair
- tank truck repair
- air conditioner refueling

More information about the list of services can be found at:

Also we providing truck and tank services in Russia:

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