Joining new environmental projects

We are pleased to inform you that the container designed for collecting various types of waste was installed in the office of the ProLiv Group of companies no so long ago!


The reason for the creation of this unique container was the joining of our company to several new environmental projects at once. Among them is the collection of used batteries, expired medicines and even toothbrushes!



And now let's tell you more about our new environmental projects.


Environmental pollution by pharmaceutical substances is recognized as a global environmental threat. All over the world, the presence of medicines is manifested in reservoirs from lakes to oceans and even in drinking water.

In order to reduce the danger from discarded drugs, "ProLiv" organizes the collection of medicines, namely aerosols, capsules, candles, suspensions, tablets, drops and ointments. Syringes, thermometers, organic waste and household waste are not accepted.



"ProLiv" joins such an unusual initiative as "The Second life of a toothbrush".

Non–recyclable waste, in particular plastic, is a resource that needs to be used to create new useful things. So, the SPLAT company processes plastic toothbrushes into polymer-sanded paving slabs and sends them for road repairs. As much as 1680 m2 is the size of the area of the city of Okulovka in the Novgorod region, tiled with recycled raw materials.

All toothbrushes are accepted for collection with the exception of electric toothbrushes, wooden toothbrushes, shoe and clothing cleaning brushes, dental floss, as well as food waste.



We did not pass by and from collecting used batteries.

In Belarus, batteries are usually thrown into the trash and end up in the landfill along with the rest of the waste. At a landfill, heavy metals from batteries get into the soil, groundwater or air (if the landfill is on fire) and thereby enter the food chain. One battery pollutes about 1 sq. m of soil and about 400 liters of water!

The organization of the collection of batteries can affect the excessive damage from spent batteries to nature and the environment, and we will not stand aside.



In addition, the project "New Life in exchange for caps", which has long been supported by the company, is also reflected in our bright container.

We transfer the collected plastic caps to processing organizations, and at the expense of the funds received from the sale, medicines, inventory and equipment for sick children and adults will be purchased.

By participating in this project, we save primary resources (oil), reduce the harmful impact on the environment and provide assistance to children and adults in need. Collecting caps is a simple action that carries great significance and that can really help people and really give a new life!


Now any employee of the company can contribute to the preservation of ecology and replenish our new container with various types of waste!


Join the participation with us!



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