Our driver-training instructor about mentoring and future plans

Currently, the proof of professionalism is the continuous improvement and development of existing skills.

In this regard,  group of companies "ProLiv" has organized a unique training designed for both drivers who have got a job in the company for the first time, and for already experienced ones.


Today we will introduce you to Alexey, a training instructor whose task is to monitor the quality of our drivers' knowledge and improve their skills.

In his interview, Alexey shared his experience, principles of organizing training and plans for the future.


Have fun reading!


How long have you been working in the "ProLiv" group of companies and in transport logistics in general?
I have been working in the "ProLiv" since 2020, and in logistics since 2008. I worked as a driver for 10 years, but the rest of the time I work with the staff.


When did the vocation for mentoring awaken in you? How did you feel that it was yours?
At first I didn't feel it at all. In 2015, they offered to take training specifically on the organization of driver training, which consists in writing a program for other instructors. So I became the author of courses for drivers. Then, due to the fact that there was no one to train drivers under this program, I started doing it myself and I succeeded. Although as soon as I was offered, I refused. And from the second time I decided to try.


Do you prefer to drive a car or train other drivers?
For the soul, of course, I like to drive a car more.
But I have always been offended for our drivers: such training is not carried out in Belarus. Belarusian drivers have always been responsible, and due to the lack of quality training, they have always been worse in the eyes of Europeans (for example, Lithuanian drivers knew an order of magnitude more about the work regime, safe driving, etc.). Therefore, I choose the training of our Belarusian drivers!


Do you think driving style affects fuel economy? If so, how much does it affect?
It has a very strong effect. And this, indeed, can and should be taught. Previously, the cars were different, and the driving style had little effect on economy. However, now there are machines that are like "computers" - everything is regulated by systems. Properly understanding these systems and using them correctly at certain points contributes to fuel savings of up to 20%.


In 2023, two female drivers appeared in our state. Your opinion about their professional skills.
I have been celebrating the professionalism of women and their skills since 2015. During my practice, I have trained about 80 Belarusian women. While one woman is fully working on the "ProLiv", and the result is obvious: a high level of fuel economy, accuracy and safety of management. Previously, it was possible to assume that driving was exclusively male labor. But now, due to the scale of service, with the improvement of technology and the comfort of transport, the opinion on this is completely different.


What does internal driver training include?
Training includes everything from recruitment, evaluation of both internal qualities and appearance to comprehensive training with theory and practice. Practical training, for example, takes place at our base, where we work out the types of connections, connecting trailers, driving a vehicle. Some drivers even "drop out" in training. That is, even at the stage of preparation, a person sees the level of discipline, what attitude we have towards its non-compliance and that no one is going to let anything go by itself. That's why some people leave right away.


Have there been cases that after training the driver does not pass the final exam and is not allowed to work?
Yes, at first there were a lot of such cases. Here you need to understand that we do not have such training in Belarus and there is no strict selection for employment based on the results of this training, so many drivers initially do not take the results seriously in the classroom. And then they ask to retake. We give such an opportunity, and, with a strong desire, a person really raises his results.


How many percent necessary to score in order to pass the exam?
To pass the exam, you need to score at least 80%.


How often do we train active drivers?
Every two years.


Do you have any work-related plans or dreams? What are you aiming for?
Yes, there is a dream. I would like to open a separate school in Belarus like the ones already existing in Finland, where after full training a person can find a job in absolutely any company even without work experience, because this school already has a name. The training includes, among other things, obtaining a category, that is, training a fully prepared specialist from scratch. It is clear that all this will not be cheap, but, nevertheless, financially it will be less costly than doing everything at different stages and at different times. But for now, these are just dreams. And the next plans are to keep the brand! So that no one else has such high-quality training as we have.


What can you wish the company and yourself?
I wish you to bloom and go only forward! I personally wish the same for myself: to bloom and go along with the "ProLiv". After all, if your company develops, then you grow with it.



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