Participation in the Exotique Rally «Nesvizh — Lida»

The retro car "ProLiv" is conquering the peaks again!


This time our 1966 Mercedes Benz 710 took part in the Exotique rally "Nesvizh — Lida".


Almost 70 crews that fall under the criteria of "exclusive" or "retro" took part in the race.



"The Exotique Rally is an orienteering competition with quest elements and sightseeing," the organizers said. — This year, unusual cars will have a 170-kilometer voyage lasting 4-5 hours. A real tourist quest with a visit to five castles. In the finish — Lida — participants open a festive program dedicated to the "Night of Museums".


The cars started in Nesvizh, and finished in the Lida Castle, where an exhibition was organized. The audience could get acquainted with rare equipment, as well as communicate with the participants of the tourist rally.


Our legendary car not only won the sympathy and attention of the audience, but also became the winner in its category!


We are looking forward to the next victories and achievements of our car!


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