The employee of the company «ProLiv» is a pioneer in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Belarus!

The SDG Pioneers Global Compact Program is designed to find and celebrate people working at any level in the company who do exceptional work to achieve global goals within the local business. Through their own company or through the mobilization of other enterprises, they help achieve one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while simultaneously developing their successful business.




Ekaterina's responsibilities include coordinating the implementation of CSR and tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Deputy Director of the "ProLiv" Group of Companies is also responsible for the company's passage of international certifications and audits. Ekaterina also conducts social projects (support for the construction of a church, assistance to a home for the disabled, sponsorship for the delivery of children to various competitions).

Ekaterina is also responsible for the development of environmental practices in the company — these include the introduction of new environmental technologies in transport, driver training in environmental driving, data collection and analysis in order to reduce the company's hydrocarbon footprint. In addition, the company implements the project "Plant a tree together", supports the initiative "New Life in exchange for caps" and continues to discover new environmental projects.


Every year, under the leadership of Ekaterina, “ProLiv" is evaluated by the rating platform EcoVadis, which determines the level of corporate sustainability and social responsibility of the company.

In 2021, thanks to the initiative of Ekaterina Rudyak, the ProLiv Group of companies was trained under the UN Global Compact SDG Ambition program, and in 2022 passed the Climate Ambition Accelerator educational course.

Largely thanks to Ekaterina's initiative and leadership qualities, "ProLiv" is today one of the most active members of the UN Global Compact Network in Belarus - Ekaterina herself regularly participates in Network events and in 2021 acted as a speaker at the global forum Making Global Goals Local Business, the theme of which was the green economy and inclusive growth.

“In order to achieve sustainable development, the company sets sustainable goals every year, which I initiate and promote - together with colleagues, we successfully complete the tasks set,” Ekaterina shared.


Let's tell you more about the initiatives of Ekaterina and the company “ProLiv” related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals:

The company's contribution to the achievement of SDG 3 is an open gym on the territory of the enterprise, which can be visited by all employees. There are bicycles for trips in the summer, table tennis tournaments are held among the staff.

To achieve SDG 4, the company has a classroom, a teacher and a mentor driver on staff. Employees are trying to improve their competencies in the field of sustainable development. So two employees (including Ekaterina) mastered the curriculum of the SDG Ambition course in 2021, and currently we are participants in the Climate Ambition Accelerator program

As part of achieving SDG 5, the company has set a goal to provide 50% of women in leadership positions. Currently, 40% of senior positions are held by women. For comparison, in 2015 their number was 10%.

Contributing to the achievement of SDG 6, the company has purchased modern washing equipment that minimizes water consumption. Today, office and industrial buildings are equipped with aerators and other tools to reduce water consumption.

The company is also making efforts to achieve SDG 8. In particular, today every employee of the company receives a salary above the industry average. In addition, the employment of young professionals without experience is practiced for the purpose of training. The company also tries to support drivers of pre-retirement age by finding work for them without leaving the territory of Belarus or hiring them as drivers-mentors.

The contribution to the achievement of SDG 12 is the project "Plant a tree together": special containers for waste paper are installed at the enterprise, the collected paper is then handed over as waste paper, and the proceeds are invested in landscaping the territory of the enterprise and in the restoration of forests.

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